KEMET - Tantalum Capacitors


  • Industrial, Automotive, Defense & Space Grade
  • High Reliability Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS)
  • Applications requiring very low ESR, increased temperature stability or benign failure mode

Features & Benefits

  • High capacitance in the smallest possible size
  • Low ESR & surge current robust
  • Operating temperature ranges up to 175 °C
  • Surface mount and through-hole
  • Non-magnetic capability available on many surface mount products


Standard Tantalum   |   Low ESR   |   High Temperature   |   High Reliability (Hi-Rel) Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)   |   MIL-PRF (CWR Series)   |   Fused / Fail-Open Tantalum MnO2   |   Automotive Grade MnO2   |   Space Grade MnO2   |   B45 MnO2 Series (Not for New Design)   |   Axial Leaded (Through-Hole) Packages   |   Radial Leaded (Through-Hole) Packages



Surface Mount Tantalum MnO2 Capacitors

Type PDF

Standard Tantalum

T489 Surge Low Leakage MnO2 Series

T490 High CV MnO2 Series

T491 Industrial Grade MnO2 Series


T494 Industrial Grade

T495 Surge Robust

T510 Multiple Anode

TSM Tantalum Stack MnO2

High Temperature

T498 150 °C MnO2

T499 175 °C MnO2

T500 200 °C MnO2

T502 230 °C MnO2

High Reliability (Hi-Rel) Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)

T428 COTS Series High Volumetric Efficiency Facedown

T493 COTS Military/Aerospace, DLA (DSCC) 07016

T495 COTS Surge Robust Series, DLA (DSCC) 95158

T496 COTS Hi-Rel Fused MnO2, DLA (DSCC) 04053

T497 COTS High Grade MnO2

T513 COTS Multiple Anode MnO2

MIL-PRF (CWR Series)

T409 CWR09 Style MIL-PRF-55365/4

T419 CWR19 Style MIL-PRF-55365/11

T429 CWR29 Style MIL-PRF-55365/11

T492 CWR11 Style MIL-PRF-55365/8

Fused / Fail-Open Tantalum MnO2

T496 Fused MnO2 (Commercial Grade)

Automotive Grade MnO2

T489 Low DC Leakage MnO2

T491 Industrial Grade MnO2 Series

T494 Industrial Grade Low ESR MnO2

T495 Surge Robust

T498 150 °C Rated MnO2

T499 175 °C Rated MnO2

T510 Multiple Anode Low ESR MnO2

Space Grade MnO2

T493 Military/Aerospace (Space Grade)

T496 Fused MnO2 (Space Grade)

T497 High Grade COTS (Space Grade)

T510 Multiple Anode Low ESR MnO2 (Space Grade)

B45 MnO2 Series (Not for New Design)

B45 Automotive MnO2

B45 High Capacitance MnO2

B45 Low Profile Standard and Low ESR MnO2

B45 SpeedPower Low ESR MnO2

B45 High Temperature 175 °C MnO2

Leaded Tantalum MnO2 Capacitors

Axial Leaded (Through-Hole) Packages

T110 Axial MIL-PRF-39003 Polar Type and T212 (CSR13)

T111 Axial MIL-PRF-39003 Non-Polar Type and T213 (CSR91)

T140 Axial MIL-PRF-39003 Polar Type and T242 (CSR23)

T210 (GR500) High Reliability

T215 Series High Temperature Solder

T216 (CSS13) Axial MIL-PRF-39003 and T256 (CSS33)

T220 (GR500) High Reliability

T222 Axial MIL-PRF-39003 Polar Miniature (CSR09)

T225 High Temperature Solder

T245 High Temperature Solder

T252 (CSR33) Axial MIL-PRF-39003

T255 High Temperature Solder

T262 (CSR21) Axial MIL-PRF-39003

T322 & T323 Axial MIL-PRF-491371/5 /CX01 & CX05)

Radial Leaded (Through-Hole) Packages

T330 Precision Molded Tantalum (PMT)

T350, T351, T352, T353, T354, T355 & T356 Ultradip II

T363 (CX02) & T369 (CX12) MIL-PRF-49137/2, T368, T396, T398