KEMET - KO-CAP (Polymer)


  • CPU/USB/memory decoupling
  • 12V/24V/48V input
  • SSD holdup
  • Enterprise networks
  • Notebook/phone/tablet
  • Automotive
  • Defense & avionics

Features & Benefits

  • Highest capacitance in the smallest size
  • Low ESR & surge current robust
  • Stable capacitance across time, temperature & voltage
  • Long life solid electrolytic design
  • Operating temperature range up to 125°C
  • Surface mount & through hole


Industrial Grade Series   |   Automotive Grade Series   |   High Reliability Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS)   |   Space Grade   |   Aluminum Organic Capacitor (AO-CAP)   |   NeoCapacitor - Small Case Polymer   |   Polymer Hermetic Seal (PHS)


Surface Mount

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Industrial Grade Series

Solid State Drives/High Energy Applications (T520/1/3 & T545/8)

T520/1/3/5/7/9 & T530 Polymer Electrolytic

T522 Reduced Leakage Polymer

T528 Low ESL Polymer Electrolytic for CPU/GPU Decoupling

TSP Polymer Stack Series

Automotive Grade Series

T591/T598 High Humidity/High Temperature Automotive Grade Polymer

High Reliability Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS)

T540/541 COTS Polymer Electrolytic for High Reliability Applications

T543 Polymer COTS

Space Grade

T583 Polymer Electrolytic for Space Applications

Aluminum Organic Capacitor (AO-CAP)

A700 Polymer Aluminum

A720 Polymer Aluminum

NeoCapacitor - Small Case Polymer

NeoCapacitor Catalog


Polymer Hermetic Seal (PHS)

M55 Module Polymer Hermetic Seal

T550 Axial Polymer Hermetic Seal (PHS) 105°C and DLA Series

T551 Axial Polymer Hermetic Seal (PHS) 125°C Series