Innodisk Data Security: the InnoRobust Series SSD is the Best Solution for Military Applications

With high-efficiency military applications, fast and immediate protection is a priority. Confidential data may get stolen within just a few seconds… impacting an army, a country, or even the whole world.

Innodisk has designed the highest level of data security SSDs: our InnoRobust series. In compliance with military-grade standards, Innodisk’s expert R&D team has integrated professional hardware design, varied level firmware and exclusive software that provides the highest level of data protection to our SSDs.

Among military grade systems, there is often a wide range of different application needs which requires SSDs to pass more stringent testing than industrial grade SSDs.

Innodisk has dedicated itself to the military market throughout the years, creating a military grade product development team and technical support team. From hardware design customization, SSD performance enhancement, data security and destroy functions, Innodisk can fulfill the various needs of all kinds of customers.



Power on Protection

New circuit protection is dually designed to allow uninterrupted SSD functionality in an abnormal power supply situation as well as emergency startups or system shutdowns.


Stable Power Control

Optimized power circuits and established OCP/OVP mechanisms to prevent electronic components from burning out due to voltage and current surges.



The iSecurity function under iSMART allows the user to easily operate the data erase command. The user may select the data erase function, monitor erase progress and also compare data before and after the erase.



Quick Erase

In an emergency, Quick Erase will erase data within a few seconds

Security Erase

Security Erase is designed for emergency data erasure compliant with military standards.


Innodisk’s destroy function implements an ultimate data erase of the SSD. Once Destroy has been triggered, all confidential data, SSD information and even firmware will be erased and unrecoverable.

Physical Destroy

Physical Destroy uses high voltage to completely destroy flash cells and firmware, making data completely unrecoverable.

Product Features

  • Advanced data security functions including Quick Erase, Security Erase, Destroy, Physical Destroy and Write Protect
  • Designed with external DDR3 Cache for high IOPS
  • Low power consumption
  • Industrial temperature range of -40℃ to 85 ℃
  • Built-in thermal sensors to ensure data reliability
  • Hardware-based AES 256-bit Key
  • Support ATA Security/TRIM/iSMART
  • iDATA Guard and iCell technology for data protection
  • Shock and vibration resistance, compliant to MIL-STD-810F
  • Conformal coating compliant to MIL-I-46058C


Handheld Device


Rugged PC




Product Specifications


  1.8" SATA 3MR3-P 1.8" SATA 3SE3-P
Capacity 8GB - 512GB 8 GB - 512GB
Transfer Rate SATA III 6Gb/s
Controller ID170 (4CH)
NAND Flash Toshiba MLC 15nm Toshiba SLC 24nm
Micron SLC 20nm (512GB)
Seq. Read/Write (max.) 480/220 MB/s 490/230 MB/s
iData Guard
Quick Erase
Security Erase
FW Destroy
Operation Tempterature Standard: 0°C~ +70°C
Wide: -40°C~ +85°C


  2.5" SATA SSD 3MR3-P 2.5" SATA SSD 3MR2-P 2.5" SATA SSD 3SR3-P
Capacity 64GB - 512GB 8GB - 1TB 8GB - 512GB
Transfer Rate SATA III 6Gb/s
Controller ID170 (4CH) ID201 (4CH) ID170 (4CH)
NAND Flash Toshiba MLC 15nm Toshiba MLC 15nm Toshiba SLC 24nm
Micron SLC 20nm (512GB)
Seq. Read/Write (max.) 490/270 MB/s 520/450 MB/s 510/300 MB/s
iData Guard
Quick Erase
Security Erase
FW Destroy
Physical Destroy Optional NA Optional
Encryption NA NA
Operation Temperature Standard: 0°C~ +70°C
Wide: -40°C~ +85°C