CML - Marine Comms - CMX7032/42

The CMX7032 and CMX7042 are highly integrated baseband signalling processor ICs that fulfil the requirement of an SOTDMA and CSTDMA AIS transceiver, dual AIS Receive only device and exactTraxTM long range AIS Class-B tracking.

These devices provide a quick route to developing an AIS based system and getting to market fast. Embedding much of the AIS, DSC and exactTrax™ protocol ensures minimal host involvement, therefore the designer can concentrate on the overall end application.Built on FirmASIC® technology, the CMX7032/CMX7042  provide the ultimate flexibility when designing Marine AIS  based systems.

Three function Images are available, these can be downloaded from the CML Technical Portal (contact for access):

  • AIS class A/B transceiver operation (CSTDMA/SOTDMA) - 7032/7042FI-1.x
  • Low cost automonous AIS dual receiver operation - 7032/7042FI-2.x
  • exactTrax™ + AIS class B transceiver operation - 7032/7042FI-3.x


  • GMSK and FSK Modem
  • Marine AIS and DSC data formatting
  • exactTraxTM operation and formatting
  • Supports CSTDMA/SOTDMA operation
  • Configurable by Function Image™
  • Optimum co-channel performance
  • Flexible signal channels:
    • Two simultaneous Rx
    • One Tx
  • Two flexible Integer-N Synthesisers (CMX7032 only)
  • Two synthesised PLL clocks
  • Limiter-discriminator Rx interface
  • Flexible Tx interface
    • I and Q
    • Two Point Modulation
  • Auxilary ADC and DAC Functions
    • Four x 10-bit DACs
    • Two x 10-bit ADCs


  • AIS class A transceivers
  • AIS class B transceivers
  • exactTraxTM long range AIS tracking
  • Marine AIS Rx-only
  • AIDS to Navigation (AtoN)
  • Marine AIS Search and Rescue Transponder (SART)

Supply Requirement:

  • 3.3V power supply