Schaffner*FN 2211HV-1500-99 DC Busbar Filter 1500VDC, 1500A, 2.2uF, 10MOhm FN2211HV-1500-99-C27-R99
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FN 2211HV-1500-99
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Application Type:PV Inverter, battery storage and DC Charger
Voltage:1500 VDC
Current:1500 A
Number of phases:1
with Neutral:no
Medical (B) Type:no
Low Leakage Current:no
Performance Level:high
Overvoltage Protection:no
Assembly Option:Mounting Type
Type (E) with Earthline Choke:no
Type (S) Snap In:no
Dimensions:440 x 215 x 200 mm
Net weight:12350 g
Gross weight:15000 g