Baseband Processor for PMR and Trunked Radios GEH: TSSOP-28*VPE: 50*(RoHS-konform)
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Product Decsription

CMX881, a full-function half-duplex audio and signalling processor IC for both PMR and Trunked radio systems suitable for complex and simple end-designs. Under the control of the host µC, all voiceband requirements are catered for: voiceband and sub-audio filtering, pre/de-emphasis and audio routing and global level setting with single or two-point modulation in the transmit path.

The combination of CTCSS and DCS functions and Selcall operation of this product offer, under software control, increased functionality, versatility and privacy.

To cater for call setup and system signalling the CMX881 provides an embedded 1200/2400 bps MSK/FFSK free-format modem for text messaging/paging, passing GPS location data with checksum generation and reception and sync detection in the Rx path.

With ultra low power requirements and graduated powersave, this product requires a smaller, lower power µC than existing PMR or trunked radio solutions.


  • Full-Feature Audio-Processing, Signalling and Data for Half Duplex Dual-Mode Analogue PMR and Trunked Radios
  • Automatic signal type scanning and IRQ on detection of valid Rx signals, level or RSSI
  • Voice processing facilities, including Tx and Rx gain setting and voice/subaudio filtering
  • Voice processing facilities, including Tx and Rx gain setting and voice/subaudio filtering
  • Tone generator for caller recognition tunes
  • Programmable powerdown control, Programmable signal detection thresholds.
  • Meets ETS 300 086, MPT1327, PAA1382 and ETS 300 230 specifications
  • Standard (39-tone) CTCSS and 23/24 bit DCS Codecs
  • Low Power operation with Zero Power mode
  • Uncommitted Aux ADC with switchable input to monitor signals
  • Programmable soft limiter, programmable Selcall Codec
Voltage:2.7 to 5.5 VDC
Form factor:28-pin TSSOP
Temperature:-40 to +85 °C
Dimensions:9.7 x 6.4 x 1.2 mm
Current:5.5 mA
Reference Frequency Input:18.432 MHz
Duplex Mode:Half Duplex
Signal IO format:FFSK / MSK
Baud Rate:1200, 2400
C-BUS (SPI) Control Interface:yes