NPA Pressure Sensor

The NPA is a new family of OEM miniature pressure sensing products offering best in class performance for OEM applications in healthcare, industrial and transportation markets. Packaged in an industry standard surface mount SOIC14 pin package, the NPA Series is available in Gage, Absolute or Differential pressure ranges from 0 to 10" H20 to 0 to 30PSI with either uncalibrated millivolt outputs or in fully calibrated, amplified analog or 14bit digital outputs.

The NPA sensor is intended for printed circuit board mounting and delivered in optional tape and reel ready for automated manufacturing and reflow soldering operations

NEW !! NovaSensor extends the Pressure Range of their successful NPA Product Line 

Amphenol Advanced Sensors’ NovaSensor product line announces the extension of the NPA product line to cover the very low pressure ranges of 2” H2O (500 Pa) and 5” H2O (1250 Pa).

Utilizing the field-proven and popular NPA packaging platform, and drawing on decades of experience producing industry-leading stable sensors, we designed and incorporated an optimized silicon-micro machined pressure-sensing element to give superior performance for particularly challenging applications, such as HVAC, Respiratory Monitoring and Control, filter monitoring, and flow monitoring.  With overall accuracy of 1.5% for the 5” H2O range and 2.5% for the 2” H2O range the new NPAs are well suited to meet the demands of emerging markets and applications.


  • Surface Mountable
  • Differential, Gauge, Absolute & Low Pressure
  • 10” H2O to 30 PSI Full Scale
  • Analog Amplified Analog or Digital Output<
  • Uncalibrated mV Output Option
  • Digital pressure signal: 14 bit ADC / 11 bit DAC
  • On chip temperature sensor in digital mode
  • Operating temperature range of -40 to 125°C
  • SOP 14 package
  • 60X overpressure on ranges < 1psi