RTK GNSS/INS*IP68 cased*10G*2000°/s*8°/h
CAN/RS232/USB*40.9 x 56.5 x 36.8 mm*-40 to +85°C
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  • Rugged, IP68 rated RTK GNSS/INS
  • 0.2 deg roll/pitch & cm-level position accuracy
  • Internal u-blox ZED F9 RTK enabled GNSS receiver

The MTi-680G is an RTK enabled GNSS/INS with a ruggedized housing featuring IP68 protection against environmental influences. Building on the proven MTi 600-series technology it enables a robust and easy to use cm-level positioning and orientation tracking for outdoor applications. It features a powerful onboard u-blox ZED F9 RTK GNSS receiver to provide superior positioning performance. It is designed for easy integration and seamless interfacing with other equipment.
Form factor:MTI-600
GNSS supported:integrated (ZED-F9P)
Sensor Fusion - Position:<1 cm CEP
Sensor Fusion - Roll, Pitch:0.2 deg RMS
Sensor Fusion - Yaw/Heading:0.5 deg RMS
Accelerometer - Bandwidth:500 Hz
Accelerometer - In-run bias stability:10/15 µg (xy/z)
Accelerometer - Full Range:10 g
Barometer - Full Range:300 - 1250 hPa
Barometer - Resolution:~ 0.5 m
Gyroscope - Bandwidth:520 Hz
Gyroscope - In-run bias stability:8 deg/h
Gyroscope - Full Range:2000 deg/s
Magnetometer - Full Range:± 8 G
Magnetometer - Resolution:0.25 mG
USB:via Converter
Voltage:4.5 - 24 VDC
Temperature:-40 to +85°C
Dimensions:56.5 x 40.9 x 36.8 mm
Protocols:Xbus, ASCII (NMEA), CAN RTCM 3.3
S/W Features:MT Manager, Magnetic Field Mapper