u-connect - Wireless connectivity software


  • Accelerated time to market for Bluetooth and Wi‑Fi connectivity
  • Flexible design choices to fit application needs
  • Secure IoT delivered out‑of‑the box
  • Pre‑flashed at delivery for efficient production
  • High performance, power and memory efficient script solution
  • Enabling portability and re‑use of applications across products and technologies

Go wireless in no time

u‑connect software for u‑blox short‑range stand‑alone modules makes it easy to integrate Bluetooth and Wi‑Fi connectivity into new and existing products. Two variants of u‑connect are available: u‑connectXpress, which is used together with a host, and u‑connectScript, which enables embedding applications directly on the module.

u‑connectXpress: Easy to use command API with zero programming

u‑connectXpress integrates connectivity through an extensive command API using industry standard AT commands together with u‑blox additions that are common across u‑blox products, thus enabling portability. A host application can configure desired connectivity without the need to write complex code, thus enabling focus on time‑to market and the core application.

Getting started with u‑connectXpress

u‑connectScript: Fast, easy interactive development of embedded applications

u‑connectScript is used to embed applications on the module using JavaScript with no need of a separate host, thus further optimizing costs. It provides a quicker and easier development process compared to using a traditional SDK environment. Applications can be written with the provided u‑blox IDE or in any other text editor of choice.

Getting started with u‑connectScript

Secure IoT

u‑connect incorporates secure boot and only boots up with an original certified u‑connect software thus preventing malicious attacks. Additionally, u‑connect supports a high level of link and data security with support for Wi‑Fi enterprise security (EAP‑TLS),  IP end‑to‑end security (TLS) and LE secure connections for Bluetooth.

u‑connect streams enabling IoT

u‑connectXpress and u‑connectScript are based on the unique u‑connect stream concept by u‑blox. This enables efficient management of data flows from wireless and physical interfaces, providing flexibility and excellent performance.