Superior performance in ultra small form factor 4.5 x 4.5mm

The ZOE-M8G is our latest, highly integrated System in Package (SiP) GNSS module based on the high-performing u-blox M8 concurrent positioning engine. ZOE is a new, record breaking ultra-miniature form factor that houses a complete module without the need for external components. The ZOE-M8G module is mainly targeted for applications that require a small size without compromising on performance. For RF optimization, the ZOE-M8G integrates a front-end SAW filter and an additional front-end LNA for increased jamming immunity and easier antenna integration. A passive antenna can be used to provide a highly integrated system solution with minimal eBOM.

Samples are available in February 2017 and volume production begins in October 2017. Please refer to this project information form for an enquiry.

Key highlights:

  • Ultra small multi-GNSS module with superior performance
  • Fully integrated and complete solution, reducing total design efforts
  • Ideal for passive antennas, due to built-in SAW and LNA
  • High accuracy thanks to concurrent reception of up to 3 GNSS
  • Industry leading -167 dBm navigation sensitivity

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