Innodisk brings Advancements to the OOB space with InnoAgent

Innodisk is proud to announce InnoAgent, an exciting new hardware module that allows out-of-band remote management of systems, even if they have crashed, or are completely offline.

Connecting through UART, RS232 or GPIO, InnoAgent acts as a gateway between computer systems and remote management tools to offer a highly available solution for the most important of applications.

InnoAgent has two main use cases in the field, as a backup to in-band management for increased availability, or as the only form of remote management, for increased security.


Industry Leading Operating
Temperature of -40° to 85°C
Easy Integration With iCAP
(Cloud Administration Platform)
Includes an API for Integration
Into Existing Systems


InnoAgent is slated for distribution in Q2 2022, and will offer a stable long-term supply.