ABP2 Series, Board Mount Pressure Sensor, Small Footprint with Digital Output

Honeywell is pleased to announce the addition of ABP2 Series, Board Mount Pressure Sensors, to our extensive pressure sensing portfolio. The ABP2 Series are piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors offering a digital output for reading pressure over the specified full scale pressure span and temperature range. Their small size saves room on the PC board (PCB), simplifying the design in smaller and lower power devices.

ABP2 Series are flexible and versatile sensors, offering a variety of pressure units, types, and ranges, output options, and a wide operating and compensated temperature range. ABP2 series sensors use NSF-169, LFGB and BPA compliant materials which makes them suitable for use in food grade applications.


The ABP2 Series provides calibrated digital output values for pressure and enhanced accuracy for medical and high end consumer appliance markets. The ABP2 Series is available in tube packaging. Pocket tape and reel packaging is available upon request.

Key Features and Value to Customers

  • Total Error Band ±1.5 %FSS
  • Liquid media option: compatible with a variety of liquid media
  • Long-term stability: ±0.25 %FSS
  • High accuracy: ±0.25 %FSS BFSL
  • Wide pressure range: 4 bar to 12 bar | 400 kPa to 1.2 MPa | 60 psi to 175 psi
  • High burst pressures
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 110°C [-40°F to 230°F]
  • Calibrated over wide temperature range of -40°C to 110°C [-40°F to 230°F]
  • IoT (Internet of Things) ready interface
  • Ultra-low power consumption (as low as 0.01 mW typ. average power, 1 Hz measurement frequency)
  • Meets IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020E Moisture Sensitivity Level 1
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Food grade compatible
  • NSF-169, LFGB and BPA compliant materials
  • Temperature output available

Potential Applications

Industry Media
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Blood analysis and blood pressure monitoring
  • Hospital hardware, hospital beds
  • Massage machines
High End Consumer Appliances
  • Air beds
  • Coffee makers
  • Espresso machines
  • Washing machines