Two great new design options on COM-HPC and COM Express

The first COM-HPC Client size A module and a next generation COM Express Compact Computer-on-Module provides engineers the choice to further scale the performance of their existing systems or develop the next generation of products utilizing COM-HPC’s broader array of interfaces.

Find more about these new design options and their applications on our papers below.

congatec brings high performance computing to the industrial edge

congatec COM-HPC modules use “Enhanced for IoT” 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors to meet demand for more lanes and more processing power.
These demands for high performance computing and high-volume data at the edge is growing exponentially.

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11 great reasons for the 11th generation

This whitepaper spells out the 11 most important reasons why OEMs should rely on congatec modules with 11th generation Intel® Core™ processors.

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Choosing between COM Express and COM-HPC

For the first time ever, design engineers now have the option of choosing between COM Express and COM-HPC. To help you make the best decision, download our new COM Express vs COM-HPC design decision guide to find the ideal platform for your solutions.

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