NINA-B306/316 Bluetooth 5 low energy modules

Our popular NINA-B3 series of stand-alone Bluetooth 5 low energy modules, now introduce new family members, the NINA-B306/316 modules with integrated PCB antenna. The trapezoidal printed antenna enable superior performance transmission and reception of data in a small form factor. Measuring only 10x15x2.2 mm, the NINA-B306/316 modules offer an even greater design freedom.

The NINA-B306/316 modules are fully compatible with the whole NINA family, enabling designers a seamless upgrade path as well as design options. All of the NINA-B3 series modules come with global certification and great security functionality.

NINA-B3 series modules are ideally suited to applications such as industrial automation, smart buildings and cities, low power sensors, wireless-connected and configurable equipment, point-of-sale, and health devices.

Key highlights:

  • Full Bluetooth 5 with high data rate and long range
  • Small form factor with low height profile
  • u-blox connectivity software or open CPU
  • Pin compatible with other NINA modules
  • Superior security functionality
  • Global certifications