NINA-B1 – The most advanced Bluetooth low energy module

With its just released connectivity software v2, NINA‑B1 has new features including simultaneous central (multi-point) and peripheral role, GATT server / client, and configuration over air. Country approvals now cover Europe, US, Australia / New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Japan, South Korea, South Africa and Taiwan.

The NINA-B1 series of modules are small stand-alone Bluetooth low energy modules featuring a powerful Cortex M4F processor and state-of-the-art power performance. NINA-B1 will support Bluetooth 5 in Q2.

NINA-B1 is ideal for IoT connected sensors, smart buildings, medical devices, as well as monitoring and control systems. Supporting ARM® mbed™ OS 5 and Nordic SDK, the module and its evaluation kit (EVK) are open for designers who wish to embed their own application on top of the Bluetooth low energy stack.

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Key highlights:

  • Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth 5 ready)
  • Advanced Serial Port Service
  • GATT server and client
  • Simultaneous central and peripheral
  • OpenCPU with ARM mbed and Nordic SDK
  • Global certification
  • Internal or external antenna