News Jan 2017 - High resolution chipset, Arduino sensor,...

Chipset for High-Resolution LCD Panels

Expanded lineup compatible with functional safety measures for speedometers, side mirrors, and other vehicle systems.

These chipsets are designed to drive and control HD/FHD-class high resolution LCD panels increasingly adopted for instrument panels, side mirrors, navigation and other vehicle systems. Onboard components include a gamma correction IC, timing controller, source drivers and gate drivers for driving the panel, along with a power management IC for ensuring optimum drive operation.

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New Arduino-Compatible Sensor Evaluation Kit

Multiple onboard sensors make it easy to build a sensor environment for prototyping and initial set development.

ROHM's SensorShield-EVK-001 sensor evaluation kit is compatible with open platforms such as Arduino Uno and mbed. The sensor shield enables easy evaluation of the 7 onboard high-performance sensors, making it ideal for verifying sensor operation, initial set development and as a learning/training tool. You can download sensor datasheets, manuals and sample software from here.

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TechWeb Information

Features of SiC SBDs and Comparison with Si Diodes

We begin with an explanation of the structure of SiC Schottky barrier diodes (hereafter “SBDs”).
As indicated in the diagram below, a junction with a metal (a Schottky junction) is formed in order to obtain a Schottky barrier in the SiC, which is a semiconductor.
The structure is essentially the same as that of a Si Schottky barrier diode, and fast operation is likewise an important feature.

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Amplifier Transfer Functions

Derivation of the Transfer Functions for Error Amplifiers, Voltage Amplifiers, Current Amplifiers

In this section, we derive the “transfer function of an error amplifier” and determine whether the transfer functions of “a voltage amplifier” and “a current amplifier” in general can be derived based on this.

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