New Products - March 2016


New Power Management ICs Optimized for Intel's 6th-Generation Skylake Core Processor Architecture

The BD99991GW PMIC (Power Management ICs) supports the core power rails required by the Skylake platform and supports Intel's IMVP8 power management interface, while the BD99992GW is designed to provide the additional 10 power rails required for the rest of platform.

Compared with discretesolutions, ROHM's dual-PMIC chipset reduces the number of peripheral components by 18% and mounting area by 33%, contributing to greater space savings and increased system size reduction.
Matching the PMICs - which feature industry-leading power efficiency - with ROHM-optimized discrete components can enable further reduction in power consumption, mounting area, and number of external parts. READ MORE

New 'tough' MCU Series offering high noise immunity

ML62013x/15x series, a 16 bit low power microcontroller series that features superior noise and temperature resistance. The series operates efficiently up to 105 ℃ which makes it ideal for consumer electronics and industrial equipment.

Key Features:

  • Achieved ± 30kV tolerance, well over the International standard regulation IEC61000-4-2 highest class 4(±15kV, indirect discharge) - Guarantee extended operating temperature: -40℃ to 105℃
  • Industry top level ±1% accuracy internal RC oscillator. Enable UART communication without crystal resonator.
  • Voltage range:1.6V to 5.5V. Available battery drive equipment and AC power supply drive equipment.


Basic Knowledge 


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