New Class of Sensors Obsoletes Strain Gauges and Capacitive Force Sensing

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NextInput, Inc., the leader in MEMS-based force sensing solutions, introduces ForceGauge™, the World’s highest performance strain sensor. This new sensor class has fundamental advantages over existing strain gauges, including significantly better sensitivity and performance over temperature, creating an excellent user experience. When compared to capacitive force sensing, the NextInput solution offers much higher reliability and a lower profile. To integrate the NextInput solution into any device, it is simply bonded to the surface on which the force is to be detected, simplifying manufacturing and scalability.

NextInput’s ForceGauge is ideal for screen and button applications in the Consumer, Automotive, Industrial and Medical markets. NextInput is currently engaged with lead customers on applications such as fingerprint sensor trigger, home button under OLED, side buttons, power button, slider and grip/edge sensors.

“We are building the World’s best force sensing portfolio and have added a new sensor class to make it easier for our customers to design, innovate and differentiate their products,” says Ali Foughi, NextInput CEO and Founder. “NextInput has raised the bar by providing the market with another superior sensing solution which obsoletes strain gauges and capacitive force sensing.”

The NextInput ForceGauge FT-7000 Series is currently sampling to lead customers and is being showcased at CES 2018. For more information, contact