Lowest Power USB 2.0 4-Port MTT Hub

The XR22414 is a USB 2.0, 4-port hub controller using Multiple Transaction Translators (MTT) for highest possible bandwidth capability. It attaches to upstream ports at hi-speed (480Mbps) or full-speed (12Mbps). The downstream PHYs support hi-speed, full-speed and low-speed (1.5Mbps) on each port.

Consuming only 54mA with all ports active, the XR22414 is the lowest power USB 2.0, 4-port MTT hub on the market. The XR22414 operates from a single 5V or 3.3V power input, allowing bus- or self-powered operation without an external LDO.

The XR22414 includes individual port activity and overall hub activity indicators and is compatible with standard software drivers to simplify implementation. It is available in a 48-pin LQFP package as well as a smaller 48-pin QFN and is designed for applications where power consumption and board space are a concern such as point-of-sale terminals, USB port expansion, test instrumentation, factory automation and other industrial applications.


  • Hub controller IC with 4 downstream ports
  • USB 2.0 compliant interface
  • Multiple Transaction Translators (MTT)
  • Regulated +3.3V Output Power
  • Individual port and hub activity LED indicators
  • Individual or ganged port power enables
  • Individual or global overcurrent sensing
  • Single 5V or 3.3V power supply
  • 54mA (typical) with all ports active (hi/full)
  • Single 12MHz Crystal
  • 48-pin QFN (6mm x 6mm) and LQFP (7mm x 7mm) lead-free, RoHS compliant packages

Target Applications

  • USB Port Expansion
  • POS Terminals
  • Test Instrumentation
  • Factory Automation and Process Controls
  • Industrial Applications