JS8746 Harsh Environment Temperature Sensor

Ensuring a temperature-controlled environment for transportation of goods by land, sea or air is of the utmost importance to guarantee that the merchandise does not deteriorate during shipment due to temperature. In many cases, such as medical products, the shipping companies have a statutory duty to demonstrate that the product has been kept within strict temperature limits. Failure to do so can lead to the write-off and destruction of large quantities of expensive product.

The marine environment is especially complex and susceptible to change; container ships are subject to the extremes of artic and tropical weather systems. Sea water is highly corrosive, containing large quantities of chlorides and sulphates. Ozone, ultraviolet sunlight (UV) and cleaning detergents provide additional degradation potential to exposed materials.

Accelerated Life Test

An accelerated life test for the marine environment saw the JS8746 exceed the equivalent of 14 years lifetime, an achievement the tester had not previously witnessed a sensor performing.

JS8746 - Harsh Environment Temperature Sensor

The JS8746 Harsh Environment Temperature Sensor has been designed to address all aspects of temperature measurement for HVAC control systems in the marine environment market. Employing materials and build standards that enhance the sensor’s ability to withstand water ingression and degradation by the marine environment, the sensor meets statutory requirements for temperature measurement and performance expectations. If you or anyone from SE Spezial-Electronic AG would like more information about how we can help with your application please contact either your account manager, our customer care team, or myself.