Corona Virus - Lieferanten Statements

Bisher keine Auswirkungen bekannt bei:
Amphenol, Antenova, CML, HID, ProAnt, SiTime, u-blox

Verlängerung der Betriebsruhe bei:
Antenova, CapXon, Ckingway, Darfon, Degson, Easttop, Honeywell, Hosonic, Jya-Nay, Kemet, ProAnt, Winstar

Im Folgenden sehen Sie die offiziellen Meldungen einiger unserer Lieferanten. Sobald uns neue Statements vorliegen werden wir diese hier veröffentlichen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die generellen Ferien in China bis auf den 10. Februar verlängert wurden. Generell müssen Sie bedenken, dass es bei allen Herstellern, die Teile aus China beziehen, zu Verzögerungen kommen kann und wird.

Because of China Government regulations our factory in Shenzhen is still not permitted to start the production the upcoming days. We are not able to tell when we exactly will start our production.
Our Factory is trying to find a possibility on 13th or 14th February for the goods we have on stock to ship out.

Again, we confirm that all your open orders are being postponed at an uncertain time and we will inform you when we will be able to ship out your goods which are already in our warehouse.
Still the overall situation makes it not possible to give you any further production or delivery status. We apologize for this and will continue to update this information.

Update vom 17.02.

With a lot of efforts, we have been able to ship out goods last week which was already on stock at CapXon. We hope to ease your situation a bit.

GOOD NEWS: Our factory in Shenzhen restarted the production now. We are now in the stage of production planning to start with the production on Wednesday 19th February. Our expectation is 40% production capacity for the start.

Postponement of resumption of Darfon factories in China

  • According to the anti epidemic measures announced by China Government and Suzhou local Government, no factory is allowed to resume to work unti l end of FEB 9, 2020. Darfon plan to resume on FEB 10, 2020.
  • Following China Government notice, Logistics/Express companies will not ship anything either until FEB 10, 2020.
  • Upon the anti epidemic measures, Darfon Suzhou factory employees are not allowed to resume to work until FEB 1 0, 2020 too , otherwise, green light must be given by higher management in advance, and besides, everyone must wear the mask and the body temperature must be lower than 37.5 degrees centigrade.
  • Every employee of Darfon Suzhou factory is supposed to avoid go ing outside; if necessary, wearing the mask is the must. Thanks for cooperation.

Update vom 12.02.

Our drivers still in 14 days quarantine now.
We are checking further clarification with Suzhou government and the policy about transportation between other city.

e.g: If drivers left Suzhou to Kunshan for delivery, once the mission has been done and trying back to Suzhou, they shall finish another 14 days quarantine at that moment again…

Thanks for your continous trust and support for DEGSON. Under the severe situation of novel coronavirus pneumonia in China, Degson is paying high attention to life safety and health of all employees. At the same time, in coordination with government for epidemic prevention and control, Degson would comply with all government regulations and here is the latest Degson holiday notice:

We will extend the holiday to 16th Feb. and will beginn the normal work on 17th Feb. [...] Please notice that we would promptly adjust our work plan according to the latest government policy. [...] We are sorry that the above holiday adjustment will influence the delivery and we are now workin on it.

As you have seen or read in the news, the coronavirus outbreak is having a substantial impact across China. China’s State Council has extended the country’s New Year holiday, and several municipal governments, including Shanghai, are requiring all enterprises, including Honeywell, to remain closed until at least February 9.

We will continue to monitor this situation and inform you whether this extended closure affects shipment of your Honeywell product. We remain committed to offering you great products and services to help you better serve your customers. If you have questions about any specific product or order, please contact Customer Service or your Honeywell representative directly.

Monitoring Coronavirus 2020 Outbreak (Only 2 asian factories)

At KEMET, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers is our top priority. We are monitoring the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak closely and have implemented precautionary measures across all our locations in Asia Pacific. We will continue to adhere to guidance from the government as well as global and local health authorities regarding the proper prevention and management of this issue. 
In effect until February 28, 2020, we have restricted all travel for KEMET employees to and from China including surrounding countries: Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam. We are asking our employees to work with our customers and suppliers to postpone any non-critical face to face meetings in our facilities and to utilize video conferencing instead, while we monitor the Coronavirus during the month of February. We will continue to monitor this issue and provide further updates as appropriate.

Update vom 12.02.

As a follow up to our previous communication “Coronavirus 2020 Update” dated January 29, 2020, KEMET confirms that all four (4) of our manufacturing facilities located in China are now operational.

We are ramping up resources and operations without compromising the safety of our employees, following strict health standards and working with relevant government authorities and stakeholders in planning and acting accordingly. We have resumed shipping activity of manufactured goods to our customers and raw materials from our suppliers. All delivery concerns will be communicated via our traditional and standard customer service organizations.

Coronavirus impact on SiTime Supply

SiTime has no direct suppliers (foundries and assembly/test houses) in China. We have also done a review of raw materials used by our assembly/test partners and there are no significant suppliers from China. Additionally, all of our direct suppliers located in Asia have put in strict protocols and
precautionary measures for visitors to the facilities to prevent the virus being transmitted to their employees. SiTime continues to monitor the impact of this issue and will provide updates if there are any changes to our supply continuity.

The coronavirus has no current impact on SiTime supply for supporting customer demand.

Impact of Coronavirus outbreak on our supply chain situation

We are constantly analyzing and observing the potential impact on our supply chain, caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China. We are going to inform our customer by a bulletin that will be updated in case of any news or changes of the reported status.

Bulletin #1 (28.1.20, 07:35am C.E.T.)
u-blox Logistics have established a crisis team that will meet daily and will coordinate all activities needed to insure a seamless supply. u-blox produce the majority of the modules in Austria (Europe) and the chips in Singapore/Germany and the Philippines.
We therefore see no impact on the current running production yet. Our manufacturing partners have started in-depth analysis along the entire supply chain. So far they have reported no impact on the delivery schedule. However, u-blox has decided to relocate some stock from the Philippines to Austria in order to increase the delivery autonomy and flexibility. u-blox Logistics recommend to pull-in customer deliveries in order to increase our customer’s autonomy.

Open Orders will be affected by captioned China Official Statement

Since China government has extended its Lunar New Year holiday by three days in an effort to contain the spread of the new virus, Wuhan coronavirus, therefore all the companies in China will not re-open until February 10th, 2020. In a government statement, China's cabinet said it had pushed back the end of the New Year holiday to "reduce mass gatherings [and] block the spread of the epidemic."

Because of this official statement, Winstar's manufacturing factories in Jing Su China and Dongguan China, our supply chain factories, even logistics cannot resume work accordingly.

Winstar Co. must obey China policy for assisting to control the epidemic, we are sorry but this is not what we can expect in advance. Please note all the open orders shipping dates/lead-time in February, March even April might be affected. So far, we cannot provide you more details until our China factories re-opened on February 10th, 2020. Our sales persons will keep you posted on the status. If customers are planning to China, we suggest you to postpone your travel plan to China till the epidemic have been controlled.

We'd appreciate our cutsomers understanding for the above captioned issue. Thank you in advance.