Display Method

Items Specifications Remarks
Display type TN type 16,777,216 colors.
Blanview, normally white.
Driving method a-Si TFT Active matrix.
Line-scanning, non-interlace.
Dot arrangement RGB stripe arrangement Refer to "Dot arrangement"
Signal input method 8-bit RGB, parallel input.  
Backlight type High bright white LED.  
Touch panel Resistance type, transmissive analog tablet  



Items Specifications Unit Remarks
Outline dimensions 105,50[H] x 67,20[V] x 4,05[D] mm Exclude FPC cable
Active area 95,040[H] x 53,856[V] mm 10,9cm diagonal
Number of dots 1,440[H] x 272[V] dot  
Dot pitch 66,0[H] x 198,0[V] µm  
Hardness of Touch Panel surface 3 H Load:4,9N, Angle:45°
Reference judgement standard: JIS-K5600
Weight 54,5 g Include FPC cable
Former model: COM43H4M10XTC