CMX7364 - Multi-mode High Performance Wireless Data Modem

CML Microcircuits is excited to announce that the CMX7364 is available now to purchase through our distributors. The CMX7364 is a flexible, high performance, wideband wireless data modem featuring a high level of integration, including precision ADCs and DACs for RF interfacing as well as additional low power data converters for monitoring and control purposes.

The device provides a comprehensive solution offering:

  • Twice the maximum data rate of the popular CMX7164 modem
  • Up to 196 kbps in a 50kHz RF channel (64 QAM)
  • Air interface compatible with the CMX7164
  • Same package footprint, pinout and software API as CMX7164 eases design migration
  • Compatible with CMX998 PA Cartesian Feedback Loop Transmitter and CMX994E Direct Conversion Receiver devices
  • Built on CML’s flexible, proven FirmASIC™ technology providing support for multiple modulation schemes including 4/8/16 FSK, 4/16/32/64 QAM, GMSK/GFSK supporting BT=0.5/0.3/0.77/0.25.

Features include:

  • Modem PHY
    • Rx and Tx data converters
    • Programmable channel filters
    • Management of RF IC offset and calibration
  • Modem MAC
    • Raw and formatted data supported
    • Robust Forward Error correction
  • Other functionality
    • 2x System clock generators
    • Serial pass through port for external device control


For more information on the CMX7364 including a Product Preview, Datasheet, User Manual, Evaluation Kits and other documentation, please send us an email to