CMX7164 V.23 FSK Wireless Data Modem Available

The V.23 modem enables communication with legacy Telecom systems to support 1200 baud 1 to 8 byte data blocks with start bit, stop bit and parity generation in transmit and start bit, stop bit and parity checking and removal in receive.

The CMX7164 covers both constant envelope and linear modulation schemes including: GMSK/GFSK, 2/4/8/16-level FSK, 4/16/64-QAM and V.23, providing the ideal platform to support customer-specific modulation schemes. All together these features make the CMX7164 a truly universal Wireless Data Modem solution.

Combining the CMX7164 with one of CML's RF building blocks enables the highest integration and performance radio data modem application to be developed.
The CMX7164 is available now, offering low power 3.3V operation in small VQFN/LQFP packaging.

The demonstrator/evaluation board DE9941 is also available, enabling the CMX7164, CMX994 Direct Conversion Receiver and CMX998(Cartesian Feedback Loop Transmitter) to be demonstrated/evaluated.