CML - Radio Frequency - CMX992

The CMX992 is a single-chip, high performance, RF receiver IC for analogue and digital radio systems. It operates from 100MHz to 1GHz and its I/Q architecture supports multiple modulation types and bandwidths with a single radio design.

The CMX992 integrates first mixer, Rx demodulators, IF PLL, and IF VCO subsystems that minimise the external circuits needed to implement a complete receiver. User-selected modes suit different application requirements.

The Rx path includes an integrated 1st Rx mixer having two outputs to support two external 1st IF filter choices, then an integrated 2:1 input mux followed by VGA and wideband signal level measurement functions to support AGC implementation.

The 1st IF signal is then either I/Q demodulated to zero IF or mixed to a low IF output.

The CMX992 provides differential and single-ended Rx output options and differential amplifiers for flexible signal conditioning.The CMX992 includes the core RF and IF functions of a high performance receiver and can be used in a wide range of narrowband and wideband wireless products including multi-mode analogue/digital terminals.

The CMX992 can be used where highly linear modulations are being used, e.g. for applications such as TETRA, where a typical transmitter solution would include the CMX998 Cartesian Feedback Transmitter.

An application note is available below that facilitates operation of the CMX991 RF Quadrature Transceiver below 100MHz.


  • High Performance (100MHz to 1GHz) RF Receiver
  • Rx:
    •   RF Mixer with Output Select
    •   1st IF Input Select
    •   1st IF Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA)
    •   1st IF Signal Level Indicator (SLI)
    •   Two-mode Demodulator
    •   I/Q Zero IF with Diferential Outputs
    •   Two Selectable IF Outputs (450kHz or 455kHz)
  • IF:
    •   IF LO Synthesiser
    •   IF VCO Negative-Resistance Amplifier


  • Analogue, Digital and Multi-mode Radio
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Portable, Mobile and Base Station Terminals
  • TETRA and APCO P25: Phase 1 and Phase 2 TDMA
  • Automatic Identification System (AIS) Transponders
  • Constant Envelope and Linear Modulation
  • Compatible with CMX998
  • Narrowband Systems: 25kHz, 12.5kHz and 6.25kHz
  • Wideband Systems: (eg.EN 302 561)
  • APCO Project 25: TIA-102.CAAB, ETSI: EN 300 113, EN 301 166, EN 300 220, TS 102 361 (DMR)
  • Satellite Communications

Supply Requirement:

  • 3.3V