Bundesgesundheitsministerium bescheinigt SE wichtige Rolle

Mit Schreiben vom 25. März 2020 hat das Bundesministerium der Gesundheit die SE Spezial-Electronic GmbH als wichtiges Unternehmen im Kampf gegen das Coronavirus eingestuft. Als Teil der Lieferketten für lebenswichtige Medizinprodukte arbeiten wir weiter mit voller Kraft an der Beschaffung der benötigten Komponenten.

Lesen Sie dazu ein Anschreiben unseres Geschäftsführers Christopher Wuttke.


Statement Christopher Wuttke

As Covid-19 keeps us all very busy it also forced us to adapt to a more digital working environment. At SE Spezial-Electronic we quickly adjusted to the new circumstances and transferred the majority of our team to the safety of their home offices.

We took great care for the elderly and the parents – their wellbeing is our top priority. All the remaining personell enjoys plenty of space to prevent themselves from any possible infection. So far, none of the SE team members have been infected, nor does anybody show any symptoms.
After two weeks of a steep learning curve we are pleased to say: SE Spezial-Electronic is open for business and working smoothly and soundly.

As you are well aware of, Germany has a strong medial technology industry that currently is under enormous stress to keep the supply chain going. We at SE Spezial-Electronic see it not only as our business to support them the best we can, but furthermore it is our duty to take care of their supply chain, ensuring they’re ready to produce the machinery needed to fight the virus.

Recently, the German Department of Public Health has named SE Spezial-Electronic GmbH an essential business that needs to remain open. 

As you are long time partners and supporters of SE, we are in this together and I trust in our processes – together we can truly help to win the fight against this epidemic.

Our thanks and wishes go out to all of you and your teams – keep going strong and stay healthy.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher Wuttke
President & CEO
SE Spezial-Electronic GmbH