Announcing NEO-D9S: the first mass-market L-band GNSS correction module

Today we introduce NEO-D9S, a satellite data receiver for L-band correction broadcast, ideal for in-vehicle communication and industrial applications. Configurable for use with a variety of correction services, it decodes the satellite transmission, enabling a high precision GNSS receiver to reach accuracies down to centimeter level.

With NEO-D9S you have the freedom to select your preferred GNSS correction data delivery channel or any L-band GNSS correction service. Thanks to its capacity to receive broadcast data, NEO-D9S lets you serve any number of users. Highly optimized for deployment in automotive infotainment systems, ADAS, tablets, notebook, and terminals, NEO-D9S provides an independent second correction data stream ensuring high availability of the position output.

Samples will be available during January 2020 and initial production will start in the first quarter of 2020.

Key highlights

  • Global access to centimeter-level GNSS corrections
  • Freedom to select GNSS correction data delivery channel
  • High scalability for industrial and automotive applications
  • Ability to select L-band GNSS correction service of choice
  • Easy hardware integration and configuration