6-150W Railway DC/DC Converter

6-150W URB1D-R3/ URF1D DC/DC Converter for Railway Application

6-20W URB1D-R3 50/75/100W URF1D-QB 150W URF1D-HB Sample Request

DC/DC Converter in Railway System

DC/DC Converter in On-board Equipment

On-board system---DC/DC Converter in Sliding Plug Door Control

One-stop Solutions:

URB1D-R3 : Powering motor driver and CPU with a 5V/15V isolated output voltage
EMC filter : FC-CXxD improving EMI& EMS performance of 10-100W railway power supply
CAN transceiver module : Built-in isolated DC/DC converter , suppressing common-mode interference (eg compact size TD-MCAN)

URB1DxxLMD-10WR3 FC-CXXD TD301MCAN Sample Request